National Tobacco Strategy Written Submission
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Consultation to inform the development of the National Tobacco Strategy
The Australian Government Department of Health has engaged Siggins Miller Consultants Pty Ltd (Siggins Miller) to undertake the development, consultation and drafting of the next iteration of the National Tobacco Strategy (NTS).

It is anticipated that the next NTS will build on the aim of the current NTS to improve the health of all Australians by reducing the prevalence of tobacco smoking and its associated health, social and economic costs and the inequalities it causes.
The proceeding online written submission template will firstly invite you to provide a standalone submission. Following this, you will have the opportunity to respond to a number of additional questions which primarily draw on the Priority Areas in the current NTS. You may choose to complete either or both of these options. 
This online written submission portal will close at close of business on 17 August, 2018.
If you have further questions about the consultation process or have difficulty with the online platform, please contact Siggins Miller Consultants at 1800 106 052 or email us at It should be noted that the 1800 number provided is a message bank service in which you can leave your inquiry, a senior Siggins Miller staff member will endeavour to return your call within 72 hours.

You are able to save and continue your written submission at any time during the process by clicking on the button 'Save page and continue later' below. You will be asked to provide an email address, where a link of your submission will be sent to the email address. 
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